I have been absent from blogging for far too long, a lot has happened in those years, now getting back into it.  2016 was a horrible year, I lost my dear cousin, Ed Maguire, the brother I never had and whom I grew up with.  I also lost my only and very dear sister Mary suddenly.  To complete the 'rule of three' I said goodbye to my darling boy Kelsey, my Maltese Schitzu, after being by my side for 14 years. 
There's been lots of quilting along the way, and lots more happening.  I am just about to start a new one called the Black and White Dream.  I'll be doing this in a class environment starting later this month.  All very exciting.

Introducing Pearl

Introducing Pearl.  She is a Himalayan, a rescue cat from the RSPCA.  She's been my companion since 2013.  She is my right hand (paw) in my sewing room, whether it be removing every pin from my pin cushion or snuggling under a quilt in progress. 
Here we are almost at the end of 2014 and not much has been posted throughout the year.  It's been a year occupied by my needing a total hip replacement.  From seeing my surgeon in April until my operation on 4th September, pain and disability prevented me from enjoying a full life. I am now back to almost full speed with just a few minor problems standing in the way.  
I've been working on Cross Stitch in my Pfaff 6D Software by machine and have completed several pieces 

I've just finished off two little quilts for the Blankets of Love programme and will be sending them off to Cheryl soon. 

Labour of LoVe

Two gorgeous blankets arrived this morning from Tricia from HERE.
The quilting on these blankets are perfect... Tricia's always are by the way... and these two are so pretty as well.
Thank You... once again Tricia... you are an amazing & generous lady.

Fabric donated by Irene Peel.
Fabric donated by Maureen Jones.
My THANKS goes to Irene and Maureen as well.
Being so generous has given Tricia the opportunity to add another two blankets to the project.


Cheryll at BLaNkEtS of LoVe - 5 hours ago
These two quilts were *made by Tricia* from fabric *donated by Irene. * Tricia used lovely PiNks in one and the other is made using embroidered Teddies and they are *GORGEOUS*! What a wonderful "team effort" girls... gratefully accepted and placed into the box this week. It's nearing time for my annual trip to the John Hunter Hospital in January and I am over the moon with the number and quality of the BLaNKeTs. You will all make such a difference to a family that has lost a little one. Give yourself a pat on the back *Tricia and Irene*... *you are both AnGeLs!*
It's been another busy month, I took a lesson on the 5D Quilt Design Programme with Cheryl Bryant.  We digitised 5 blocks and when stitched out gave the look of Trapunto surrounded by dense quilting.  I then used the five blocks to make a new runner for my dining table.

and to continue with my commitment to the Blankets of Love programme, I completed a further 2 quilts

and there is  now another two in the planning just waiting to turn into a 'little miracle" quilt.  It gives me great pleasure to make them and even greater pleasure knowing they will become a cherished memento.  I have to say a big thank you to my dear quilter friend, Irene Peel, (Titanium Queen Fudge) for donating fabric to the programme.

BlAnKetS oF LoVe

I can't believe another month as disappeared since my last post, but I have been busy in the meantime.  I had a lightbulb moment while browsing through an old quilting magazine that struck home and touched my heart.  It was an article about making small quilts for premmie babies and those that did not make it.  Having had such an experience, I committed myself to making quilts for BlAnKeTs oF LoVe. SO my very first quilt has been made in memory of my Angel in Heaven : Sean David McCabe   1/6/75 - 5/6/75
It would have made such a difference to my life to have had such a beautiful gifted quilt to have cherished and to now be able to make and gift these BOLS to others is a great privilege.
My first BlAnKeT of LoVe

and my second

I'll be posting these off to Cheryl next week.  In the meantime, planning my next designs,  I am aiming at 2 a month where ever time permits.  Hugs,  Trish
A Happy Mother's Day to all reading my blog.

I've finally got around to blogging again, it's been over a year since my last post about my wonderful trip to Egypt to celebrate mine and my sister's BIG birthdays.  Last year was a busy year with many visitors, the most wonderful being my sister Mary who made the long trip from England for four amazing weeks. The rest of my time has been spent making several quilts and refreshing my summer wardrobe with embroidered skirts and blouses.  I'm currently working on a Log Cabin quilt for my grandson's 18th birthday later in the year.  I've been quilting for over 20 years and this is my first L.C.  Will post a pic when it's finished.

1st Mar:    Had a good flight to Egypt, 4hrs 50 mins.  Luxor airport was swarming with Egyptians willing to help with bags etc.   tipping is expected.  15 minute coach trip around Luxor, quite an eye opener, poverty everywhere, carts loaded up with sacks pulled by donkeys, little motorbikes dodging cars, nobody takes too much notice of the lines dividing the roads, buildings that look derelict with no roofs. Tourism is the main stay of Egypt, and the English  flock here at this time of the year for the warm weather, Egypt's winter temps are around 22 - 25 degrees.  The boat is  luxurious, food great and plentiful and right now we are all up on the sun deck stretched out on lounges enjoying the beautiful day.  We set sail after lunch, the morning was taken up with a tour to the Valley of the Kings.  Chris and Liz went, I renigged because of the 6 am departure, disappointed because that was the one thing I would have liked to see, but  was too tired from the long day yesterday.  Hope to see plenty of other sites during the week.
1st Mar cont.....  First night of cruising, Captains cocktail party, table with 4 levels with every colour cocktail you can imagine.  After the Captains welcome speech we were invited to help ourselve to a cocktail and nibbles, followed by a 5 course dinner.  Food absolutely amazing.

2nd Mar:  Jan woke us early singing Happy Birthday Aunty Trish.  Went down to breakfast only to find our table decorated and a pile of presents and cards.   There were two Pandora beads, 1 from Jan and Keith, the other from Mary.  A Kindle e;reader and cover from the gang, Jan, Keith, Nicki, Tash, Cody, Dane, Karl, Tina, Kian and Eden.  Photo frames with 70 on them, a Swarovski crystal pen, a gorgeous Egyptian necklace from Chris and Liz and cards from all the family and their friends that I met on Saturday.  I was lost for words, and teary, just couldn't believe it.  We are spending the day cruising until about 4 pm when we dock at Kom Ombo where we can go ashore.
Quite an experience going ashore, the locals pounce and try to sell their wares.  Jan is an expert at haggling, but you learn very quickly. Back on board for dinner.  When everyone had just about finished, several of the staff entered the dining room pounding drums, then the maitre d came to our table and escorted me into the middle of the room, drums pounding, then they all sang happy birthday in their Egyptian accents, broke into dance swinging me around, then brought out a birthday cake to serve to everyone.  It was just amazing and conclusion to what turned out to be a wonderful and unforgettable birthday.

Mar 3 / 4:  Aswan for 2 days.   We all went ashore and intended to walk to bazaar, were pestered unbelievably to take taxis, (cars about 30 years old and hardly road worthy,  we decided to take our lives in our hands and clambered in and driven into the souk.  Another  education in itself.  Pestered beyond belief but we did find a genuine trader and bought a few souvenirs.  Spice traders were everywhere, as were shops selling gerabalyas.  In the evening after dinner we were entertained by Nubian Folk Dancers. Sailed from Aswan back towards Luxor after lunch on Sunday.  This evening is Egyptian night where we all dress in Egytpian costume.  Fabulous evenings entertainment.

Mar 5:  All day in Luxor.  Spent morning at markets buying more souvenirs.  Rest of day on sundeck enjoying the beautiful Egyptian Winter sunshine.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, cruise to Denderah then back to Luxor for return to the U.K. on Wednesday.  It has been a truly wonderful experience, the cruise boat is luxurious, the cruise staff can't do enough for you, and an altogether wonderful holiday.

Mar 6:  Sailed to Dendrah for day, back to Luxor late afternoon.  Final candlelit dinner followed by entertainment in the lounge bar, belly dancer then whirling dervish.

Mar 7:  Leave ship at 2 p.m. for flight back to the U.K.

Unless you experience the Nile, words and photos could never do it justice, it has been a truly wonderful holiday.

 Arrive back 6.40 am Monday. See you all next week.  

The curry night turned out to be a cover for a surprise birthday party for me.  Jan and Mary had organised the evening and 13 family and friends came along.  Jan did 2 different curries, tikka and Korma with the works.  After dinner, they all started singing happy birthday and Jan walked in with a beautiful big  birthday cake with Happy Birthday Trish, sparklers and candles.  It just took my breath away that they had gone to so much trouble.  The evening was absolutely wonderful and we all eventually got to bed about midnight.
27th:  Went out with Jan and Keith to the Granery, overlooking the Meadows Golf Course in Peterborough.  Course looks great, wish I could have had a game.  In spite of it being Winter, the greens are in great condition.
28th:   Over at Jan's for roast beef dinner, then an early night for a 3 a.m. taxi pickup for our flight from Gatwick.  There's no wifi on the boat, so will update when we get back on 8th March.