The curry night turned out to be a cover for a surprise birthday party for me.  Jan and Mary had organised the evening and 13 family and friends came along.  Jan did 2 different curries, tikka and Korma with the works.  After dinner, they all started singing happy birthday and Jan walked in with a beautiful big  birthday cake with Happy Birthday Trish, sparklers and candles.  It just took my breath away that they had gone to so much trouble.  The evening was absolutely wonderful and we all eventually got to bed about midnight.
27th:  Went out with Jan and Keith to the Granery, overlooking the Meadows Golf Course in Peterborough.  Course looks great, wish I could have had a game.  In spite of it being Winter, the greens are in great condition.
28th:   Over at Jan's for roast beef dinner, then an early night for a 3 a.m. taxi pickup for our flight from Gatwick.  There's no wifi on the boat, so will update when we get back on 8th March.

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