My trip began with flight EK435 from Brisbane to Dubai.  The flight was uneventful of 13.30 hr duration, meals were 4 courses, dinner served an hour into the flight,  followed by a snack  with breakfast served before landing at Dubai.  Change of flight Dubai to Birmingham of 7.40 hrs duration.  Again uneventful with plentiful food, Continental breakfast,  snack and lunch served during the flight.  Arrived Birmingham 11.45 am, through Customs quickly, however luggage took over an hour, Mary and Liz were there to meet me.  A 2 hour drive to Peterborough to Jan and Keith's house.  Jan had made lasagne and Liz and Chris drove Mary and I to Mary's house.   Jet lagged for first three days, out and about today, Thursday, Chris and Liz's for afternoon tea, Jan's for dinner.  Met Nicki, Tash and Dane.  Sat.  family coming over to Jan's, will get to meet the rest of the clan.  Having a curry night, staying over and having a full English breakfast in morning.  Leave for Egypt 3am Wednesday morning.


kimmy71 said...

wow sound like heaps of fun already. good flights and sounds like your pigging out on heaps of yummy stuff. hope its not been to cold for you.
take heaps of pics to bring home too.
xo travel safe xo kimmy

kimmy71 said...

hello mum its andy..
glad your flights and the food was good.
sounds better than air asia.
watch out for that vindaloo and wish i was having one of those english breakfasts. might have to buy me one somewhere.
keep us intouch. xo andy